The Bradley Method®

Your Bradley Method® instructor wants you and your baby to have the best, safest and most rewarding birth experience possible.

For that reason we endorse and teach the following ideals in class:

1. Natural Childbirth

2. Active participation of the husband as a coach

3. Excellent nutrition, the foundation of a healthy pregnancy

4. Avoidance of drugs during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding unless absolutely necessary

5. Training: 'Early-bird' Classes, followed by weekly classes starting in the 6th month, continuing until birth

6. Relaxation and natural breathing

7. "Tuning-in" to your body

8. Immediate and continuous contact with your new baby

9. Breastfeeding beginning at birth

10. Consumerism and positive communication

11. Parents taking responsibility for the safety of the birth place, procedures, attendants and emergency back-up

12. Parents prepared for unexpected situations such as emergency childbirth and cesarean section

These goals are possible for the vast majority of pregnant couples. Occasionally, medical intervention is both necessary, and appreciated. Modern technology is compatible with natural childbirth. There is an appropriate time for intervention, but also an appropriate time to let nature take its course. Educated parents have the responsibility to make these choices with input from many sources, including the birth team they have chosen. It is important to seek out medical professionals who have experience with educated couples and will support their informed choices. This takes considerable effort and sometimes requires researching what is available locally, or traveling great distances to seek the safest possible birth.

For information about local classes please contact us at 785-827-7779.

We are currently working with Lori Esch, certified Bradley Method® instructor.